Freitag, 23. September 2016

Opening Casino Admiral San Roque - NovoMatic

Life is like a “roulette“ - you never know what will happen! But if one day in your life you want to play “roulette“ that will give you the results directly, then you have to visit the biggest Casino in Southern Andalucia - CASINO ADMIRAL in San Roque. On the 23rd of September the CEO of the responsible company behind the Casino Admiral Mr. M. Schartner invited selected guests and friends to the VIP opening party of the casino in San Roque. Special guest on this evening was the famous ex – Formel 1 racing pilot Niki Lauda who launched the first ball. It has been an amazing opening celebration with very good food, live-music and dance for all those hundred and more guests. But the best music of course was the sound of the Slot Machines and the Roulette, which makes “Casino Admiral“ a special place for those who like to see the results of the gambling direct in their lives. For sure one attraction more near to the “rock”!